Pace partner for Intervals?


Is there a way to use a pace partner to ride intervals with? For example I want to do a 3x15 min session at 4 w/kg. Is there any way to hop back on the pace partner after a breather without starting a new zwift session?


You could use the reverse method.
Riding with a pace partner at your recovery level.
Sprint or do your interval.
Do a U-Turn.
When you see the Pace Partner approaching do another U-Turn and rejoin the group.
Just a method.


Not if you want to stay connected to the Pace Partner peloton and Drop Zone. However, I frequently do much shorter HIIT type intervals. Simply back off the power until you receive the animation warning you of being dropped. Then, hit the power until you receive the PP animation warning you of running off the front. Obviously, these intervals will not be of the length that you’re suggesting (great idea!), but they are a sort-of solution. Here’s what my screen looked like:

Besides, it’s very easy to reload the game now. Another solution is to drop in with the PP, warm-up, do your intervals on the REVERSE course as the selected course until you run into the PP again, and then U-turn ahead of their onset. You’ll still be in automatic turn mode. Luck!

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