Pace Partner disappearing in ride

Cadence randomly disappears during a ride. I have had this same issue two of the last three days. Today was particularly bad. She disappeared at least a dozen times over two hours sometimes for as long as 5 minutes. I noticed her flag at the bottom of the screen would start pulsing on and off before she disappeared. Distance did not seem to matter. Sometimes she disappeared when 3 meters away. It was difficult to concentrate on the ride with this issue. I am not sure how my drops multiplier was affected but I did notice once she dropped off when I was 1.0 and came back quickly at 1.6.
This issue has not happened during my rides with Diesel.

Did everyone else disappear too, or was it just CC?

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I was going to tag the open thread that Shooj has already flagged this issue, but see you posted the same thing in that post too.

Maybe close this post so it doesnt potentially dilute the discussion?

Just CC.

I had the same issue today, CC disappeared after 20 mins