Pace Partner 2021 feedback

Good day, I really enjoy riding with the pace partners Diesel, Cadence and Brevit. My biggest gripe is that I never know when the pace partner is scheduled to change route ie many a time I will be 45min in with Cadence and she will type I’ve got less than 5min before my time is up and boom 5min later Cadence or Diesel or Brevit whoever you riding with disappears. This messes with your ride plans as I may have decided I would like to ride 4hrs with that particular pace partner but I now have to inconveniently stop, save my ride and then restart zwift and go select the pace partner all over again.

Perhaps a timetable that is easily translated into the many different time zones will make it easier to plan ones ride.

Would be awesome to get A.Anquetil on Tempus Fugit @4.2w/kg for a Whacky Wednesday Speed Fix

The potential use of numerous pace partners is endless and will improve zwift user experience

Thanks Team Zwift for the awesome work


Great news, as of the latest Zwift update you no longer have to quit to start a new experience. Here is the explanation of how it works from Shuji.

Thanks David :call_me_hand:t4: