Pace Bot Category D & E!

Hi I am new to Zwifting and currently still in my first week trial period. Have done a few rides already including one with OVS Olympian Ann Breggan, done my first FTP, and most recently tried my first pace partner bot ride. As I am new and was initially having issues with my smart trainer resistance, I chose the slowest bot D Diesel which is set as 1.5W… the next category is C which is set as 2.5W. I feel Zwift should provide perhaps another bot at 2.0W, which would probably suit a lot of racers out there who
May find D too slow and C too fast? What do you guys think?

You can make D more challenging by switching to a mountain bike. And even more challenging by switching to a TT bike.


So riding a TT bike will make it harder even though I am technically still using my road bike?

A TT bike in game can’t draft so it will be a lot harder. I would suggest trying a gravel bike first and if that is still to easy use the MTB.

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Sorry, I could have stated that more clearly. Fortunately, you understood that I meant change your in game bike rather than ‘in-real-life’ steed.

Yes, Zwift apply different weight, aero drag and road friction effects based on the in game bike, type of bike, road surface, etc (they also do things based on in-game wheels). The differences are slight between bikes of the same type, but between different types (road, gravel, MTB and TT) they are more significant.

K thanks

Hey why can’t they just give us an in between pace bot which perhaps also will match quite a lot of newbies who may like the pace of 2.0W/kg instead of us having to change bike! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup! Tried the TT bike instead of my road bike for my last Watopia pace bot w D…. Yeah was more challenging