Outstanding .fit files to process

There are a large number of fit files yet to be processed, however on the event page it no longer shows the total remaining. The summary on the front page is also incorrect.

It’s great that this has been sped up, but can we at least get visibility of the queue size again please?

(Example: ZwiftPower - Login after about 20 hours, only around half of the .fit files have been processed). It does not show any queue, and on the front page the total remaining to be processed is about 200 for all events)

I was wondering the same thing. Hopefully they can respond and fix.

I noticed the same, processing notification is disabled on events. Hoping this is not the fix zhq was boasting about the other day…

Is there anyway to know whether your .fit file is in some kind of queue? My data of today has been processed, but I still have nothing useful of yesterday’s race:</events.php?zid=1536864> (given that I broke my indoor FTP I would like to have the data :D)

Seems like quite a lot of the WTRL races yesterday are missing the fit files for a lot of people.

Hopefully it can be sorted, would like the data to count.

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I reported the same problem last week… Zwiftpower .fit file queue metrics incorrect


Most are missing the fit files from our Wtrl race 2 days ago


Yeah - still missing the metrics from several of tuesdays WTRL races:

Zwift Racing League | WTRL - Men’s/Mixed EMEA E2 DIVISION 1

Zwift Racing League | WTRL - Men’s/Mixed EMEA E2 DIVISION 2

and I guess several others…

I am on the cusp between C & B, and most of my racing is on WTRL.

I filtered my ZwiftPower events to just show WTRL.

9 of the 17 WTRL events going back to 10th November are green ticked live data only…

I want to be in the correct category but if half my races don’t show data based on fit files, but instead show the much less accurate live data, I cannot be sure my category is correct.

In the 40 events I did in that period all but one of the non WTRL events had blue ticks, so the problem seems to be associated with WTRL.

I’m sure no fault lies with WTRL, but perhaps it is the sheer size of the events?

I would like ZwiftPower to formally confirm that they will reprocess all the missing fit file events.