Output of Zwift courses

Two issues really.
1.Wherever I look, for example ZwiftInsider the distance and climb listed for a particular route is different to that "In game’?
2. Is there anywhere where I can export a list of all the routes with the “correct” distance and climb?

This is because in game Zwift includes the lead in distance, Zwiftinsider lists it separately. Zwift started to include the lead in distance a year or maybe 18 months ago as it caused so much confusion. We used to have constant forum threads titled “I didn’t get the route badge on ______ route” and it was almost always because they didn’t do the full distance and didn’t include the lead in.

Add them together and they match… sort of…

However, the elevation is off since Zwiftinsider doesn’t include elevation of the lead in.

Here is a master list that is printable, not sure if it includes all the new Urukazi routes?

Look at this website, it is my go to, it show details about the lap and the lead in.

Additionally putting in a plug for ZwiftMap.com, a great tool for exploring routes, graphically. The lead-in is shown in round brackets to the right of distance. (and elevation)

Thanks for the replies. It seems like I am not the only one with this issue. It would be great to be able to get a clean list of routes with the full distance and climb so I could work out which ones have the biggest gradient.

Is this what you are looking for.

Do you mean the ones with the most total climb or the ones with the steepest gradient?

The second part might be harder to do.

Looking at steepest grandient e.g climb/ distance.

I don’t really understand about the lead in as you cannot do a route without the lead in?

most routes are loops, you only do the lead in distance on the first lap, each additional lap would not include that distance. Usually all routes start and end at a banner, the distance from the spawn point to the banner is the lead in.

Slightly off topic but i don’t see why you can’t just start where you want to on the route, would be good to drop yourself at the bottom of a climb, or miss out the lead in to the alpe

That is pretty much what I was looking for, short of exporting.

What are the tick box’s for? As you don’t seem to be able to save your progress.

Just worked it out, you can have your own URL.