Organize routes ridden

Is there a way I can organize all the routes I’ve ridden over the years by worlds and in alphabetical order? So I’ve ridden Waistband many times but if I want to compare my stats I have to scroll thru all of my rides to find them.

using strava would be the best and easiest solution to compare your times on certain segments

for example:

This may not be a perfect solution but take a look at the Explore section on the home page of the Companion app and select Routes. It will let you keep track of which routes you’ve earned a badge for (if the route has a badge - most event routes do not). It will also show you the history of your segment times. In some cases the entire route is a segment such as on Volcano Circuit. If you tap on one of the segment times it will take you to the activity in which you completed it. I think that’s all that Zwift offers, so if you want more than that you’ll need to follow Mike’s suggestion.

Thank you. I’ll check it out in Strava.

Thank you!’ I’ll check It out.