Order made 3 days ago, still unfulfilled


I’ve ordered a Zwift Hub One last Friday and the status is still “unfulfilled”. Do you have more information about the time it will take for my purchase to be shipped ?


You ordered it in a Friday.
I expect that nobody would be working in that area on Saturday or Sunday.


Hello @Ayoub_Abounaim. Thanks for take advantage of this space. This is Juan here from Zwift. I understand interest in knowing about the status of your order.

We ship Monday through Friday. Generally, it only takes between 3-5 days to arrive after your order ships, depending on where you live. However, if your order ships during a holiday or just before a weekend, it can postpone delivery by a day or two.

I confirmed that your item has been delivered. For future reference, when you have an inquiry regarding an order, I’d like to suggest you contact us at zwift.com/contact-us. This way we can safely address your concern.