Orange warning triangle next to my wife's name?

Hi all,
My wife and I are new to Zwift. We have an Elite Directo and a Wahoo heart strap.

I can ride without issues but when my wife rides she has an orange warning triangle (orange triangle with an exclamation mark in it) next to her name in the list of riders on the right.

She also got a message saying something along the lines of “either you’re a Pro cyclist or there is something wrong with your equipment”.

Can anyone shed any light on this? The equipment doesn’t change between me and her so were lost as to what the problem could be?

Thanks for any help you can give us.

Hey John,

It sounds like your wife is receiving flier warnings. Those happen when a segment is completed in a time that seems to be impossible, but they usually mean Zwift isn’t getting accurate information from your trainer.

We have had a few reports about flier warnings happening in our UCI Innsbruck course. If that’s where she was flagged, our developers are currently trying to resolve the concern from our side. Your wife shouldn’t be getting flier warnings in any other route or course, though.

I’m really sorry, but once received, there’s no way for us to clear a flier alert. They will prevent your wife from riding for about an hour, but they shouldn’t have a resounding affect on her ride stats.

If you’re looking for a quick fix, I’d recommend unpairing your Elite from Zwift, logging out, and using Elite’s official app to check for firmware updates and complete a new calibration. If the concern still happens after unpairing your Elite from their app and pairing in Zwift again, please open a support ticket with us.

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Hi David,

Thank you for getting back to me.

It is happening right at the start of the ride. Almost immediately to her starting pedalling. The image she gets is this triangle…

When I use the same trainer with the same heart rate monitor in the same position then I don’t have any problems whatsoever?

I’ve tried un-pairing everything and then re-pairing everything in her account but to no avail.

She can continue to ride and completes the workout without issues (seemingly) but always has this warning triangle next to her name and these warnings about her either being a “pro cyclist or a problem with her equipment”?

I’ll fire off an email to the support address you provided. Thanks again.

One other thought occurs to me is that if it’s not equipment it may be manually entered game info., specifically weight (which affects watts per kilo and speed). I believe you can check and change this on this site, in-game or on the app. Whilst you don’t have to give your real weight to the game it does affect the ride, so make sure it’s realistic (ie not 10kg).

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Are you sharing the same account?

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Hi Ray
You might be on to something there. I’ll check all her info when I get home.

Thanks for the idea. I’ll post back if I find something.

I’ve also downloaded the Elite App for calibrating the trainer (Elite Direto) so will try that if there’s nothing in the profile that could cause it.


Hi Paul

Thanks for the reply. No, we have separate accounts. :slight_smile:

Just checked her profile and she had her weight set to “1 lb” !!!

So… mystery solved!

Thanks again to everyone for all your help. And, on the back of this post, I’ve worked out how to calibrate my trainer as well so all’s well that end’s well.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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I think I’ve fixed the problem thanks but if I haven’t I’ll look at information