Orange Progress Bar Under the Display?

What is the orange progress bar that is under the display where speed/distance/elevation is displayed in the center of the screen? I notice that the longer I ride it progresses then resets itself when it fills.

Is it some kind of levels progression? Mine has a “4” on the left side. Does this mean I have progressed to level 4? If so, what the significance of the advancing to higher levels?

Hi Greg,

You’re absolutely correct! That’s a progress bar for leveling up! As you level up, you unlock stuff like jerseys and stuff. Next time you’re in the game, go to your configuration screen and check out all your new swag!

Just a cool little way to measure your progress within the game.


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Thanks Eric - is the progress time or distance based? Just curious if there is anything that accelerates the progress other than just riding faster?



Hi Greg,

Sorry for the delayed (5 day) response! The orange bar (which equates to “experience points” and “levels”) is distance and achievement-based. Definitely not time based.

There will be more metrics and detail as we tweak it.