Option to toggle auto-brake on/off/delay

The autobraking is so ridiculous for me that if I stop pedaling going downhill I’ll stop. Here I am stopped on a minus 5% downhill…

My biggest issue with this is just the fact that my bike trainer doesn’t match what’s happening on screen. If my on-screen character comes to a stop, so should the flywheel on my trainer. At a minimum, it should apply resistance to the trainer to match the braking happening in the game

Some of this auto-braking behavior is influenced by the calibration. I ride a Kickr SNAP. If I stop peddling, my wattage doesn’t drop to zero, it drops to .8 then from there reduces relative to the speed of the flywheel. It’s a wheel on trainer, so I actually DO have a brake to more quickly stop the wheel (and flywheel). I rather like this. It’s more realistic, and beneficial if I go all out and just need to stop peddling for 10 seconds or so (and enjoy the continued forward travel using the momentum I’ve built up). Depending on how I calibrate it, if I stop peddling, I can get the Zwift to do as others have reported with direct-drive trainers (apply brakes in 3 seconds to come to a stop; assuming I’m not in a supertuck). THIS is the main reason I’m not super interested in switching to a direct drive. I’m not a racer and never will be, just a casual weekend rider, so all this auto-braking stuff is just an annoyance. If Zwift had a way to TUNE that, say to 10 seconds or so, then I’d probably jump at a chance to switch to a wheel on trainer. But this hard-fast rule they are unwilling to entertain a change for, we’ll that’s not for me.

Given RGT is going away, it would be great if Zwift could absorb some of its ride mechanics/physics. RGT did not use an auto-brake outside of races/corners where there is no physical way to keep contact with the road without speed reduction.

oh wow, hadn’t heard that yet

Wahoo Fitness to Shut Down RGT Virtual Cycling App | DC Rainmaker.