Option to prefer First Name to display?

There are so many people across the world who prefer to show the first name. Don’t understand why Zwift defaults to Lastname on the UI (e.g. J. Doe).

It would be great if Zwift can allow users to choose what the Display Name should be instead of defaulting to F. LastName

You could use a full stop as your forename and then use your forname and surname in the surname box separated by a full stop.


First name = .
Surname = Stuart.Middlecoate

But that one’s probably taken.

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That’s fine. I don’t mind sharing it.

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Of course, you could also choose:

First name = S
Surname = tuart.Middlecoate

First name = Shazam
Surname = tuart.Middlecoate

And do you need the ‘.’? Or could it be:

First name = Superman
Surname = tuart Middlecoate

But that would display as



S.tuart Middlecoate