How about using first names rather than last?

(.. Gary Hawkins - ZSUN) #1

How about using Gary. H, rather than G. Hawkins as currently comes up for my specific name information.  It’s much easier to engage in social texting if you know the person’s first name rather than last name.

What do other Zwifters think?

Best regards


Gary Hawkins

(GARNIER Stephane) #2

I have the same reflexion each time i want to chat with somebody.

I do agree with you.

You can notice that the first name appears in this discussion …

(Kermit deFrog ( PAC )) #3

Interesting Idea!

Try to speak to “Dave” and wait for the thousands of replies of “who, me?”.

I bet I can find you better in the system when you are G.Hawkins rather than some Gary H.

How can you find anybody in the list at the first screen to ride with when there are 100s called Gary. 

I ask if I want to know the name, quite easy.

(Daniel Smith (AZ)) #4

I would actually like to see the choice to use a nick name.  I don’t go by either my first or last name.  I’m known by my nickname


(... david (aka "setuid")) #5

That’s why my name looks like it does here in these replies… 

You could model this using the existing method, by putting your surname first, or your first/last in the last-name box as well. 

(GARNIER Stephane) #6

Good idea.


And when you’re part of a group ride, it becomes:

" xxx (aka yyy) Group (Level)".



(Randy Sandberg) #7

Of course, Team Zwift could just have three fields: First, Last, and Nickname with the rule that at least one field must have data in it AND no abbreviating of any kind – WYSIWYG.

As for the current logic, there’s a rider who goes by the name of R.uby. I think that’s quite clever. In fact, I myself have been thinking about changing my R.Sandberg to R.andy. :wink:

(Susan Downing) #8

I think it would be cool if the names had a gender indicator.  When I see someone closing in on me, my first question is, M or F.  Depending on what I’m doing, I’d be inclined to whip out more watts to keep an F behind me.

(. Ben // CANYON RAD PACK) #9

I really would appreciate the idea not to short the first name. Zwift is not a business platform, we´re here to having a great time together and i don´t like to talk to someone with: hey mister xy.
that´s bourgeois.

that´s why i put my first name into the surname field. 

(GARNIER Stephane) #10