Option for Workout mode in "Horizontal" to free up space to watch movies and TV shows.

(Vincent Molenveld) #1

Like the Trainerroad horizontal screen. To have the possibility to do a training en watching a movies or Netflix on the same screen.


(K.C. Race3R) #2

You can reshape the Zwift Game display to whatever shape and size you like … In zwift settings you have to allow it and then just resize with your cursor …

(Vincent Molenveld) #3

Reshape does not meets my needs.  A reshape will compress te graphics and now it is not clear viewable. See picture below.

What I need on the bottem of my screen is:

power graphic from the workout mode, Power, Time, Heart rate and Cadance.

(Todd Taylor) #4

You could plug-in a TV or monitor and have Zwift on one and whatever you want on the other.  Obviously, it’ll add cost to your setup, but will allow you a two full-screen images instead of two “squished” images.

(Vincent Molenveld) #5

Hi Todd,

Jou proposal is what I use now . But I would like to show everything on one screen, so I can focuse myself on one screen.

(Myles Chandler) #6

I proposed that zwift compete with TrainerRoad by adding in an overlay mode.

However, I get around this problem by using a duel monitor setup. If you live near a major university, see if they have a surplus store where they take their old junk. I got my spare 1080p monitor from Purdue’s for ~$20.