Workout Mode - Paying Attention

Forgive me for the bad title of this topic but I couldn’t think of how to word it.

I’ve used Zwift for years and only ever did rides, never tried workouts. Before I drop my first monthly fee of this winter session I had a question about workouts.

Do you have to pay attention to the screen, or with ERG mode can you be watching a movie/tv and simply pedal along, keeping up with each interval?

I used Trainerroad before Zwift. I would pick my workout, connect the app on my phone to my smart trainer, and then watch a movie on a separate largest screen, via AppleTV or DVD. The interval countdown timer would appear and beep, I glance down to my phone to see what’s coming, feel the change in the trainers resistance, pedal on and go back to my movie. Is is that simple with Zwift?

Yes this will work for Zwift too, especially if you use the companion app on your phone while riding. The workout screen will be on your phone and tell you everything coming up, how much longer in each interval, etc. Zwift also has audible beeps as you approach the last 5 seconds of an interval before a new one starts.


@Mike_Rowe1 can you use both Zwift and the Companion app on the same phone? I would be using my AppTV on a TV to watch a movie

nope, you need to run Zwift on the apple TV I suppose, not sure if you can run another app at the same time on apple TV, I’ve never used it? You could watch a DVD or stream video from another device. I bet the phone could cast a video or netflix in the background and run the companion app at the same time (I’ve never tried that either?).