Optimal bike for swift!

Hello Swifters!

I have the watbike trainer and uses that to swift. More after being a swifter.

I am not cykling IRL.

Which bike (regardless of price) is the A game for swifting?

Kick R

I want to start to feel the hill and use the ”heard”

The Wattbike brand i trust. The kickR I have friends that got issues with.

I like the real deal with the bike changing % in the hill.

But how good is the construction etc.

I Do not want to change and get issues…

Any one have some experience of making the change and What about Atom, I Do not know anybody with that One.

And I have made hip operation and needs really to be able to have high set on the bar.
Solution on trainer with Thule bars.

And I have a 32 inch on the Wall :+1:

Marcus Eduards

The Wattbike Atom 2 has been released but only available in Europe AFAIK. Here is a review from the master of electronic fitness equipment reviews, DC Rainmaker.

There are links to his reviews of the other major available Smart bikes in a table at the bottom of the page. I am using the Stage SB20 and am very pleased with it. At this point, I have almost 5 thousand kilometers on mine.

The Kickr is the only one at this point that mimics inclines but if I was to get a bike I would start with the Stages.

But you could get a kickr5, the incline piece, and a CAAD bike for less.