Opinion On Zwift Kids

Hey! I’m out here trying to give my opinion on zwift kids and what should be enabled etc.

First off, the chat being disabled is a terrible feature. The parents/guardians should have a option to enable the chat for their child if they want, that’s my opinion.

Second off, everything else is fine. I personally think everything else is beyond amazing. Just the chat feature. Thanks for reading!

The chat also should be enabled for people under 13, this would be a good addon. (OPTIONAL FROM PARENTS) As for some kids like to be able to chat. (AGAIN THE PARENTS WOULD HAVE TO CHOOSE TO ENABLE THIS FROM THEIR ACCOUNT)

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I think part of the reason with the chat is to comply with the legal reasons, not sure though.

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Yeah, probably but wouldn’t it be a good option for parents to enable that feature as option. I don’t think it’s much legal reasons because games such as ROBLOX, Fortnite other games people >13 play and they use Voice Chat, Text chat. But yeah It’s most likely legal reasons.

err on the side of caution… if it’s predictable it’s preventable… If I were Zwift I wouldn’t allow minors to use chat either regardless of what their parents allow.


I coach at a junior club IRL and we have a lot of under 16s that use Zwift, they love it.
I can see the safeguarding issues around chat, and so don’t have a massive issue, but I am very frustrated by the Clubs situation. I have more power and control with a meetup, than I do Clubs. I cannot have under 16s in my club, which kinda makes the club pointless, save for the fact I can message them the link to the club event, but have to use a third party app to communicate with them. If I just create a meetup, I can invite juniors and have almost as much event features. I can’t see what not letting under 16s in Clubs achieves.