On-the-fly switching to a different route on the same course

(Francis (RollersBoy) Amargo) #1

There are a couple of times where I joined and chose the wrong route, or just didn’t pay attention and rode on the wrong route. Was already too late before I found out. It’s worse when I’m on an informal group ride.

But, the other part is, if the group started on say the London Loop, does 2 laps but then decides to do another 3 laps on the Classique, it’s very easy to make the wrong turn.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hmm, a cool idea actually. Will put this on the request list.

(Charlie Cain B) #3

This is a great idea. If you ride with someone you know, and find out their route, it’d mean you wouldn’t keep having to look at someone’s bum. 

(Oliver Bird) #4

Yes very frustrating if you forget to select the right route.

(Craig Feringa) #5

I put in the same request.  I suggest that we are able to click on another rider’s name and select the same course they are on.  AND, to be able to select a different course if we can’t click on the other rider.  I think both capabilities.