Automatically set route to same as for rider you choose to ride with.

When selecting “ride with X”  it should take you automatically on the same route as the rider you choose to ride with.

I ride with my wife and often I forget to check that we are on the same route - then we get different route turns and we end up losing each other (I know - ride closer together is the theory…). Even if it sends you at least a warning that you are on different routes that would help. Me standing next to my wife when I set it up is easy enough, I can only imagine if I now want to ride with a friend in Australia but I am not on the same route than him…
A extra feature that could also be added then is to stick rider routers together - sometimes we find another group on a route which rides a nice pace and pack dynamic (but are on a different route plan) who we choose to follow (and thus go on their route) - if you choose to ride together you should then have the same route changes