Transitioning to Same Route as Friend on Course

Frequently, I’m riding and come across a friend or see a message from a friend and I’d like to join them on the same route.  It would be great to be able to select a different course in game.  For instance, today I was riding and found some friends that had decided to do 100k during their ride.  I found myself just ahead of them, but they turned.  I messaged them and they said they were on the volcano flat reverse.  They turned, and I lost them.  I lost the ability to communicate with them, or change my route to theirs.  I don’t know all the twists and turns to stay on a specific route.  So… I would have loved to be able to click on their name, and select the same route as they are.  


Good idea! sometimes get tired of the loop and would like to portal elsewhere without losing my workout .

I would like the option to change routes mid ride. Instead of having to negotiate the manual turn system while I am straining. 

The other night two of us headed off on the london loop, did the lap and decided to go flat for the rest of the ride. We both made the right turn to classic, but at the next turn the system sent him one way and me a different way.

There are so many useless blue tabs on the middle page, that I’d like to see the course changes place there. I don’t need a wave button. :slight_smile: