Possible to change route inside the game

(Lars Norrevang) #1

It would be very nice to be able to change the route inside the game, and not only when you log in. 

For example I often want to do some laps on the Volcano flat and afterwards hit some intervals on the Volcano Circuit, but since i selected “Volcano flat” when I logged in, I need to be very alert on the manual turns when Im doing the hard intervals on the “Volcano circuit” and because of all the lactate I often miss a turn and rides away from the Volcano and needs to make a u turn to return to the Volcano again. 

(Duke Togo) #2

Second this motion!


If we could predefine a chain of existing routes that might work

(e.g.  2x  Mountain route + 3x Volcano Flat route)


Even better would be if you could define your own custom routes

(e.g.  “Hilly Volcano KOM”:  A-B-C-G-H-K-L-K-I-J)


(Carol Anderson) #3

Totally agree with and vote for the suggestions.

(Joe Payer (Ragbrai '18)) #4

I agree this is needed.

(Patrik Myren) #5

Yes please!