Possible to change route inside the game

It would be very nice to be able to change the route inside the game, and not only when you log in. 

For example I often want to do some laps on the Volcano flat and afterwards hit some intervals on the Volcano Circuit, but since i selected “Volcano flat” when I logged in, I need to be very alert on the manual turns when Im doing the hard intervals on the “Volcano circuit” and because of all the lactate I often miss a turn and rides away from the Volcano and needs to make a u turn to return to the Volcano again. 

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Second this motion!


If we could predefine a chain of existing routes that might work

(e.g.  2x  Mountain route + 3x Volcano Flat route)


Even better would be if you could define your own custom routes

(e.g.  “Hilly Volcano KOM”:  A-B-C-G-H-K-L-K-I-J)


Totally agree with and vote for the suggestions.

I agree this is needed.

Yes please!