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I am enrolled in the TOUR FOR ALL, the first stage went well, on the arrival of the second and third instead when registering the result the system marked "#error " during the download
and my result does not appear in the ranking. Could it depend that my unprofessional trainer who does not simulate the path? I do not understand . Thanks

Hi @Marco_Genovese

That can happen if there was a issue with your internet connection during the saving process.

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Hi Gerrie, thanks for the answer, I would exclude it, I run in an environment with high speed network.

The failure to approve the 2 stage I thought would depend on the wrong category to which I had marked “B”, at the third stage I marked myself at “A” and the problem remained.

You can ride any category and should still get notification that you completed the ride.

Link stage 3, as you can see recorded activity, but off the charts.

Same thing for stage 2

What do you meant off the charts.

where do you look for the ranking?

I mean that my position is not shown in the rankings that appear when viewing the activity in the ZWIFT COMPANION APP. I did 1st in both races

Thanks for the reply, I compared myself in the blog and found confirmation of what you are telling me. I still went up in category, I only run in A, but the problem clearly continues to persist. I will take a professional trainer shortly.

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Also for the 4th stage I see that my performance has not been recorded,
the activity has been saved but the stage has not been performed . I changed the set-up of the trainer as suggested but nothing. Only the first stage has been awarded. I’m sorry .