Older carbon bike on an Elite Suito, is it ok?


I currently use a Temple steel framed bike on my Suito. However I want to free that bike up. I’ve always fancied a Scott CR1 and have come across a 2010 model that I like on eBay. Does anyone use one on Zwift? I only ask with it being an older bike.


Hi @Nick_Dutch, welcome to the forums.

That bike should be fine as long as the rear cassette matches what you have on the Suito. Lots of people use really old bikes for their trainer, as long as the drive train is good there are no concerns.

Thanks Mike

Yes I have done a little more research and yes as you say it seems it could be ok. It’s just being an older frame and the SL version I wondered if would be a little brittle. The drivetrain is FSA Red.

I once fell off my Temple on Zwift (how did I do that) and the frame was ok but I bent the derailleur!

Trainers do put some additional stress on the rear end of the bike, especially chainstays and dropouts, but failures are rare. Your biggest concerns are probably the condition of the frame (hard to know from an eBay listing) and corrosion of metal parts from sweat. It’s not a bad idea to have the frame inspected by a Scott dealer or other reputable bike shop.

You can reduce some of the stresses applied to the seatstays by introducing some flex below the trainer. A wobble-board / rocker plate wil allow for some side-to-side movement.

never heard of a seat stay failing on a direct drive as long as it’s securely attached. i put a $300 chinese frame with pencil thin stays on mine and it is perfectly fine after about 1200 hours of abuse

Thanks for your replies. My Scott has been fine so far, cheers Nick