Old timer asks: Why no notice of zFondo or events?

Hi all,

I just rode a great Team Italy ride and folks were talking about last nights zFondo.

I got no emails about a zFondo. I see no notice of it on the “Events” page or the Zwift come page.

I missed it.

The Fondos are my favorite rides.

Where, if anywhere, does Zwift ever post information about these big group rides? I certainly do not see it or get messages about it sent to me.

If Zwift is just relying on word of mouth, that is really a bad idea.

There should be at the EVENTS page in addition to the list of each individual event a calendar listing these BIG super important group rides sponsored by Zwift.

I am very sad and angry that apparently there was a zFondo and I never heard of it until it was over.

p.s. The New Year’s ride was mentioned in an email but it gave no time for the ride! Same kind of problem - when there is a big Zwift ride there should be CLEAR postings at the Events page listing the time and date. These super big rides should not simply be buried in the huge list of rides at the Events page.

if you use the Zwift companion app you can filter the races and trainig and look at least a weeek in advance to check for races TT and Fondos.

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Unfortunately I don’t use the Zwift companion as I don’t have such a phone for that.

I would simply like Zwift for these huge Zwift sponsored group rides (which are extra fun or me because of the massive numbers of people) to have them listed in their own space at the Events page rather than just burying them in the long list of rides.

I saw that in 2018 I got an email about the 2018 Fondo, but I did not get one in 2019/20. Maybe my email blocked it. That is why a clear (small and unobtrusive) notice on the Events page would in my mind be nice for us all to be reminded of these giant rides sponsored by Zwift.

Yep, Zwift doesn’t really do big ads about the Fondos.
Last season I missed one too.
This season I keep my eyes peeled for them.
Next ones are on 9th Feb. 2020 and 1st March 2020. Take a big red pen and mark it in your calender :wink:

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I agree it is a little puzzling, compared to things like Tour of London and the upcoming TDZ, which are on the login page of Zwift

Eric at Zwift Insider is your man for advanced news… He’s always on the money.

Zwift has the dates fo the other two Fondos here -

See you on those!

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Thank you guys for the help.

I’ve marked Feb Fondo.

I hope they “advertise” these better in the future. I try to do everything that is either a big group event or yields any kind of in game item.

You may like to check your email settings:


It seems impossible to access the above page from your Zwift account. I was only able to get that link from an email I received today about the Tour de Zwift. Also check that your spam filter isn’t catching any emails from Zwift.


I agree, of course, with Zwift Insider.
Sign up for email notifications. It’s easy.
Also, try https://www.strava.com/clubs/104733/discussion
as well as Zwift Facebook page.
there’s also a search “fondo” option in the companion app.

Thx, never got into these setting before, and never received any Zwift email so far.
All boxes were unchecked, doh! :slight_smile: