Of of 4 TinyRaces is not on Zwift power - please help a new user understand


Please help me understand why one of todays Tiny Races is not counted for me. Zwift did upload it to Strava and everything seemed fine/ Thank you

If you look at the Live tab for race #2 it thinks you did not finish. Does it show up in your activity feed in the Companion app? It may not have saved properly. You may get disqualified from races 3 and 4 for this reason.

I am very new here and not sure how some things work. I’ve found this missing race in the companion in activities, but not sure how to check it. It does give me my time for the race though

If you check the Companion information where you see the race time (12:53) you will also see the distance you rode 6.68km. The race was 6.9km long. I think there are occasionally disconnect issues where you see yourself crossing the finish line but the system doesn’t.

This is also supported by the Live data on the link Paul provided.

Occasionally your race result may be added when the finalised results are produced using a .fit file. You will see the green lightning bolt go blue on your results line when the results are finalised, usually same day but some 2-6 hours later depending on the demand on the server.

Thanks you. It does clarify things somewhat.

PS How would one get to the Events page that Paul has linked without a direct link? I can’t seem to find it on ZwiftPower

In ZwiftPower had the system thought you had finished the race the race/event would show in your profile page and you could click on it.

However to find any race results go to the home page and a few rows down on LHS you will see ‘Results’ option. This option will show all the results in reverse start time order for today and previously.

On RHS of results page there is a search option. If you type Tiny into that search it will show you all todays Tiny races and you can easily find race 2 of 4 from todays races.

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