Odd Timing Spacing (Glitchy?) Issues

Hello All. Any help with this issue is appreciated. I was on Zwift yesterday and noticed what appeared to be delayed input from my ant+ and kicker setup to what was on the computer screen. I was doing a group ride and the first issue was, from time to time the riders would flash off and on and only show the bikes for a split second. The I noticed I would get to the front, and not be past the halo/fence, but Zwift would tell me I needed to get back to the group. I would and it would lag in dropping my power to weight number. Last week when doing a structured workout, I would occasionally see drops in the intervals.

Here is my setup. I have a newer Dell. I upgraded the video card. I also. hard wired my computer to our home internet. I think my network speeds are slowish but should be adequate 130 or so. I am using an ant+ dongle on an unpowered extension.

Hi William,

I would suggest checking your log file using Zwiftalizer.com to see if it was network or Ant dropouts that caused the issue.

You should also be able to see the frame rate.

Can you do a ping test using https://www.speedtest.net/ but change the server to one in central California. You could have good internet speed, but high ping times.

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