Octane Fitness Elliptical and Zero Runner Connectivity Options?

Hi Everyone,

Can anyone provide some insight on how to set up more of my home gym equipment to connect to ZWIFT? Thanks to this forum I was successfully able to connect my curved manual treadmill using an NPE Runn device in early 2020

I’ve since experienced an injury and can’t utilize the treadmill for the time being and require less impact running / cardio during recovery. While the curved treadmill collects dust, I have a Octane Fitness Q47xi Elliptical and Zero Runner ZR7 in my home gym as well that I would like to connect to ZWIFT.

The Octane Q47xi supports **Bluetooth and ANT+ Connectivity but for whatever reason I cannot see it on my phone or tablet as a standalone device. The only way I am able to connect the Q47xi with my phone or tablet is via SMARTLINK which is a APP by Octane Fitness. The elliptical connects to the app and communicates to the phone / tablet through the app only. It allows the phone/ tablet to also control the machine presets as well, but if I open ZWIFT I still cannot see any way to connect.

For the Octane Fitness Zero Runner ZR7. Based on another posts here, I just ordered a NPE CABLE as a workaround connection option to use it with ZWIFT. the NPE CABLE has not arrived yet. for me to test it out. Will the NPE CABLE work on the Q47xI as well?

I’m baffled as to how it can connect with the phone through the app, but nothing else. Am I doing something wrong?

I also have;
Garmin Dynamic Running Pod
Garmin HRM Pro
6x Pro Solar
Stryd Pod.

I don’t believe any of these devices can connect to the Q47xi
The pods require foot strikes to calibrate data and I don’t believe it will work with either the elliptical or the zerorunner.



join the QZ community on github and i will add the support in order to bring your elliptical to Zwift!

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Hi Roberto,

Thank you for the offer
I’m not familiar with Github unfortunately.
I’ve created a github account and am following yours
@ /cagnulein/qdomyos-zwift

I’ve downloaded the QZ - qdomyos-zwift app to my android device.

ok i’m sending you a PM. The moderators are not happy with QZ topics :frowning:

I use a wahoo tickr X with elipical for zwift and it works fine.

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I can connect my Garmin HRM Pro to Zwift. I use it for everything.

But I can’t get it to connect with the Elliptical or Zero Runner in question.
Also, I can’t get the elliptical or Zero Runner to connect to Zwift directly.

I’m trying to find a way to bridge the training devices to Zwift to utilize the online platform as these are considered legacy and unsupported devices ( without 3rd / 4th party help) .