Oakley flight jacket


I Wonder how I can get the Oakley flightjacket in the game?

Do i need to do a event?


Hi @Stian_Gylder,

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I think you will unlock it at level 10.

see: https://zwiftinsider.com/points-levels-unlocks/

thanks for the quick reply, but I’m at level 40 now and don’t have these in my library

Check if they are available in the drop shop.

Nope. Only Frames and wheel you can by there.

Interesting question. These are now a Level 10 unlock, but before the change in 2019 the Level 10 unlock was a set of ZIPP 808s. So, if you were already past Level 10 when the change was made you likely received the wheels, but may never receive the Oakleys. (I really don’t know if Zwift did a retro-unlock for items after the change.)

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You could only get the Flight Jackets when you did the Ride with Reason Challenge a while ago: https://zwift.com/news/9263-ride-with-reason/

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Ok. Thanks you. I’ll have to wait until another event comes again.