Fluoro Pack

On my most recent ride I received a notice that I had earned a fluoro pack and that I should get “kitted up”. . What is a fluoro pack and where do I find it? I didn’t see anything in my garage.

The fluoro kit pack I believe is unlocked on level 21(not sure). You got this because you leveled up and Zwift offers unlocks for each level. The kits should be in your garage under the kit section. I’d recommend scrolling through your kits to make sure it really isn’t there. If it really isn’t there, I’d recommend contacting support.

Thanks. I sent support a note. They said I should see an icon called “Customize” but I don’t have that, I have Garage” as you’ve suggested. I don’t see kits in my garage so I have sent a a second request to support, just waiting to see what they say.

Mike Quesnel

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Can you post a picture of the kits in your garage.

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@Mike_Quizzie You should see something like this:

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I just found these new jersies posted in my garage. Are these the choices for fluoropack?

Mike Quesnel

It looks like you do have them. You can see which ones the fluoro ones are by looking at the article Paul sent or by looking at the three jerseys at the top of my screen.