Nvidia RTX 3080 setting recommendations

Alienware X17 R1
i9 11980HK
64 GB DDR4 XMP 3466 MHz RAM
Nvidia RTX 3080 16 GB DDR6
2x2TB PCIe SSD in Raid 0
17.3 inch 4K 120 Hz display
Windows 10 Pro

Wahoo Kickr Bike with latest firmware

Stock settings on the 3080

Performance thermal mode in Alienware Command Center. Not currently overclocked, but Dell/Alienware tech support says this configuration tested and is safe to run in the two preconfigured overclock profiles in ACC, one of which increases RAM frequency to 3466 MHz from standard 3200 MHz.

I was finally able to get BT connection to function from Zwift Companion while waiting for the Zwift ANT+ dongle to arrive by temporarily disabling BT on the laptop, then reloading Zwift, so that the option for BT connection from phone is no longer grayed out.

No obvious difference in FPS BT or ANT+, except that Zwiftalyzer shows innumerable connection drops/errors with ANT+, even when I use the USB extension cable and hang the receiver on the water bottle holder attached to the seat tube. However, the ride is as smooth as with BT, except no steering or use of the R upper buttons for power-ups and U-turn until Wahoo updates firmware for those features. However, the Zwift app will occasionally move to background during a ride, only happens once per ride at most, no disconnection or other problems, and just bring it back with the touchpad. Zwift is set for full screen.

Am getting about 60 FPS everywhere but Makuri Islands, which only averaged 43 FPS today, despite lower rider density. Have uploaded two representative Zwiftalyzer files.

Any recommendations for Nvidia Control Panel settings?


There’s nothing in the NVCP which will transform your performance, certainly not on Makuri Islands which is basically a joke compared to the rest of the game: Game performance on Makuri Islands

That said I’d still expect better than 43fps with your hardware. Are you on max power modes everywhere, not just in the Alienware stuff (which is almost certainly resource-robbing bloatware btw, you should clean install Windows); in Windows power management, and in the Zwift in-game settings? I trust you are running the game whilst plugged into the mains already. On a laptop all of these can have a massive effect on performance. Check it’s not thermal throttling too, that’s another strong possibility on Makuri.

Back to NVCP though, disabling threaded optimisation IMO helps with CPU load (absolutely do not enable it), and enabling triple buffering will allow your system to do say 100fps if it’s capable - by default vsync is dropping you to 50% of your 120Hz refresh rate. Don’t change the actual vsync setting though, you’ll just introduce tearing by turning it off. If you’re happy with 60fps, consider capping the frame rate at 61fps, which reduces the impact of this daft rubber-banding effect: Strange camera behaviour at 60 FPS on PC

Search Facebook for ZPCMR if you want more of this crap. It’s mostly aimed at desktop though, laptops are a poor investment for Zwift.

Yeah, the OP dropped some major coin on that laptop! :flushed:

Hopefully it’s also for other gaming/streaming etc, and the OP travels a lot. :wink:

PS: I’d recommend using the older launcher. Aside from the newer version(s) being pants generally, I’ve seen some people with 3000 series GPUs have issues with it. PM me if you want a copy. :+1:

Thanks for your assistance - threaded optimization default setting was auto, so turned it off, while default for triple buffering was off, so turned it on in the individual game settings for Zwift.

I have the laptop rather than a gaming desktop, as needed a new Win 10 laptop for home. Had been running Zwift on a Mac Mini M1 with 27 inch 4K 60 Hz display, wanted to upgrade, and got a laptop for usual computing tasks that would hopefully run Zwift at max resolution. Had considered a maxed out Dell xps17 with i9 (the new model with 11th gen processor), believe that it had a 6 or 8 GB ? 3060, decided to get the Alienware.

I’m not a gamer, no prior experience with gaming laptops or desktops, but this is whisper quiet and the fans often don’t run much with usual office-type use or remoting in to my office servers with the quiet thermal mode. CPU and GPU have 2 fans each, all independently controlled with AI software. Alienware also claims that the rest of their new cooling system and voltage regulators for the X17 and X15 are much better than prior versions. The fans increase speed as needed, but even at max are much quieter than the fan that I use to cool me down while riding. Can’t hear them much while riding, as listen to music with sound-cancelling headphones while riding.

The laptop is always on AC, and everything is at full power when riding Swift short of running one of the two approved overclock modes.

No thermal throttling, and the CPU and GPU temps in ACC checked just after ending a ride are surprisingly low. The laptop is warm after a ride, but not uncomfortable.

I think Makuri Islands is still on the schedule for two more days, will likely try riding there with these new settings tomorrow am, then try the overclock 2 settings that run the XMP RAM at full design frequency of 3466 MHz.

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Ironically I would suggest that the fans being quiet means the CPU/GPU may be being throttled somewhat. Zwift spams both massively when allowed to, so I’d expect your system to be going mad if it was at full pelt. It’ll definitely be louder now anyway, since the GPU will be allowed to max out (up to 120fps if you’re using the laptop’s display) rather than being pegged at 60fps, but it’s up to you as to whether you prefer that. This only applies to everywhere but Makuri, that’ll still be shite.

The quiet status is with quiet thermal mode for routine laptop use. All 4 fans run at 100% speed during Zwift rides, then gradually slow down over the next few minutes as the CPU and GPU cool. I initially used the “Full Speed” thermal mode for Zwift instead of performance mode, because I thought the laptop would cool down faster, didn’t make much difference, and both run the CPU and GPU at max. I now even switch back to quiet mode right after a ride, as the fans will run at appropriate speeds based on component temps.

Congratulations - that’s a really nice laptop, would expect higher FPS with those specs.

I think that the reason both of our systems aren’t smoking fast with Zwift is due to lack of graphics optimization, as well as single-threaded CPU use per numerous posts on this.

Are you having any luck with using BLE connection from your trainer to laptop using Windows 11 BT?

We both have the latest in BT adapters and drivers, but I would just get “signal loss” after connecting to my Kickr Bike with Windows 10, is no better with Windows 11. I got the Zwift ANT+ dongle when that happened, then back to using BLE connection through ZC as was a stable connection, until recent iOS update trashed ZC connections, not just to devices but to the Zwift app as would frequently revert to the Home screen, making it unusable. Am glad I got the ANT+ dongle, so using that again until Zwift fixes ZC.

Have uploaded some recent Zwiftalyzer examples, one for Makuri Islands, one for Watopia, are better than in the past, not sure why. Makuri still has lower FPS, as expected.

I haven’t overclocked CPU or used full XMP memory speed as graphics are good, even with Makuri. Would expect better FPS everywhere with this hardware configuration.

AW/Dell tech support told me that using any of their preconfigured overclocking configurations for CPU and memory in AWCP will not void the warranty, assume that applies to your system if they are listed as options.

(Attachment makuri.pdf is missing)

(Attachment watopia.pdf is missing)

That second one is predictably abysmal. :frowning: