Radeon RX 7900 XTX/XT is still Basic profile

AMD Radeon RX7900 XTX/XT, released in '22 Dec, seems to work only with the Basic profile so far.
Since 2 months have already passed, please change it ASAP to work with Ultra profile.

To begin with.
Zwift should not decide the profile on its own depending on the device and GPU.
It should be up to the user to decide whether to prioritize image quality or frame rate.

The GPU and driver information used should be noted.

Contact Zwift support to have this added


Agree with above, give them screenshot provided.

Outside of Zwift, how does the RX7900 series run?

In the FF15 benchmark, the score is 10829 at 4K/Standard Quality settings.
The GPU is working fine.

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I contacted support and asked for feedback.
I am not sure if they will get the message, but I also mentioned the upcoming GeForce 4060/4050 and Radeon RX7800 and below.

You can always edit the basic profile file to be the same as the ultra profile file.

It is not the same:
“First, you can not unlock Ultra by changing the config files. The ultra profile is set by the graphics engine and can not be overridden”

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You can pimp it a little with this hack until it gets unlocked by zwift

So here we are in May 2023 and it still hasn’t been added:

This was the reply from Zwift Support:
Unfortunately, it would appear that the profile has not yet been set up on the Zwift database so the graphics are defaulting to low quality. This should be added in a future update. In the meantime, you may be able to manually set it using guides available on the internet.

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Maybe just let us pick Texture Quality in game settings?

I asked for the RX 6400 be given Ultra profile…A couple weeks later Support answered that it was added to the list but no timeline. This was several weeks ago.

oh well…

I’d understand it taking a while for a new entrant to the market like Intel’s Arc cards.

Zwift support on on letting users pick a quality setting:

“Allowing this would massively increase support calls to Zwift as inexperienced users incorrectly configure their devices and break Zwift.
Posted by Kev H
36274 answers | 93% rating”

With v1.34 in early May, I can now choose 4K UHD resolution.
However, the loaded profile remains basic.
(I have confirmed this in the logs.)
It is unclear if zwift is aware of this issue.
I have already contacted support, but all I get is a lame response.

1.4 dropped, still no profile for 7000 series…

Maybe just read the size of the VRAM buffer from the system and base it on that?

1.41, (at least two releases since I raised it) still on Basic.

zwft 1.43.0 now runs Radeon RX 7900 XT in 4K/Ultra profile.
Avatars and some localized multibyte characters are now rendered with higher precision.

Frame rates are also fine.

Log is also no problem.

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Still no option for ultra 4K?

Did you not read the last posting?

Hmmm, I have an 7800XT and I can select 4K UHD in the settings, but in the log for Zwiftalizer I hava a basic profile.

different card, brother. so what i understand, from people who know this stuff, is that zwift have to make profiles for each individual card, but there is a system in place now where nvidia cards are added automatically as new cards come out as they use a rather uniform naming system. so zwift detects “rtx” and a profile is created quickly

amd’s naming is all over the place in comparison, you have old cards with the xt profile, decent and old ones with the rx profile, but modern AMD card releases have a naming system that includes both rx as well as xt, so there’s no way they can have an auto detect system in place

@Ncornelisse I think your best bet is to just have to email zwift and ask them, preferably three times an hour, 24/7, until they eventually add it. it’s stupid, i agree