NPE RUNN battery app?

NPE RUN. Is there an app that I can check the charge/battery level?

Not that I know of. I just leave mine plugged in using a USB extension cable.

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I haven’t found one which is why I posted. Forgot to charge mine and it ran out tonight .4km from finish…but 1 min charge got me to the line. Might email NPE and see. Thx Paul.

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NPE are going to have an app but “do not have an exact timeline yet, but it will come out when we release an app that delivers firmware updates to the Runn… You will be able to connect to your Runn and see what firmware version it is on, the battery life, and various other features.”
Straight from NPE…impressive response time​:running_man:t2::running_man:t2::+1::+1:


I figured they were going to make an app since the cadence feature is in beta. Thanks for the posting the reply from NPE.

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