I ordered the RUNN for my TM , I Have a few questions ,thanks

My RUNN arrives this coming Thursday .

I have the older model of the Spirit XT685 TM which works great ,but doesn’t have Bluetooth :frowning: so I bought the RUNN.

I installed the ZWIFF app on my phone but can’t use it yet as I don’t have the RUNN yet.

Do I have to update the RUNN before using it ,if yes ,where do I go to update it as I don’t see anything listed on the ZWIFF app.

My phone is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 and I don’t know if it has ANT + . So I went to download ANTtester and it says only good for older phones so I can’t test my phone. I looked into all my settings and don’t see anything that says ANT +.

Anyway, I want to be able to track my heart rate etc but the RUNN doesn’t do that ,so my question is how do I go about that ?

Only other wearable I own is my Polar Verity Sense - Optical Heart Rate Monitor Armband.

Currently will only be using/testing my phone as the screen ,and will start another thread just for my DeskTop PC with TV.

Thanks for your time.

Hi Rainer,

You can use the ConfigurEZ app from NPE to update the firmware once you receive the RUNN. It works with Bluetooth, so you don’t need ANT+.

Here is the link in Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.npe_inc.configurez&hl=en&gl=US

For heart rate, you can connect your Polar Verity to the game on your phone via Bluetooth as well.

Hope that helps.

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Hi Nick,

Thanks so much ,very helpful information, much appreciated !

I’m sure I’ll be back with more questions ,but for now you provided me with what will help me get started now ,thanks !

A tip from my experience with the Runn. You will need to stick a few stickers to the belt of the TM that will be seen by the Runn device. What I found is that the stickers they provide don’t stick very well (could be partly from sweat or other residue on the belt). I got some silver reflective tape that has better adhesive to stick to the TM belt (cut just a little bigger than their provided stickers) and then stuck the Runn stickers to that. Seems to work pretty well and have only had one come off a couple times over multiple years.


Thank you !