Not Update and shut down after game

Hello, when I install the program it tells me that I have downloaded version 10.0.50 but in the pre-game window (connections) V10.0.48 appears and I suppose that is why the game shut down and go directly to the Windows desktop when trying to save the game or delete activity.

I use Windows 7 32b 4GB with latest version of graphic controller and I try several times uninstalled and installed

Thanks in advance



1.0.50 is the Launcher
1.0.48306 is the Game.

Zwift needs a 64bit OS.
Win7 is no longer supported by Microsoft.
I recommend to install Win10 64bit on your PC.

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Zwift does not run on x32, you need at least Win7 x64, but I would recommend Win10 x64 since MS no longer supports Win7.

Sorry, I use Win7 with 64b, however i will try it installed win10.
You think with this would not does not run correctly

The same problem, I installed today W10 64b and the exit menu shut down to desktop directly just after I click to save.

I’m very dissapointing with this and I still really think if update to premium account :frowning:

Try to change the language of Zwift to english.
There was exactly the same problem last year with german language.

Or is this just a misunderstanding?
In Zwift, saving = exit the program.

Thanks a lot Ben, but the lenguage its not the problem, in English its the same case but today I’ve been able to save activitie (and correctly, after shut down the game automatically)
The real trouble for me is, If I want exit of an event
or work out without save to start another activity, Zwift shut down and I must restart to play with several minutes to open it…