Not staying on TT course. No choice

Two weeks running I have reached the desert turn during the Cycling Weekly 10. However instead of turning and following the course I go straight on, nothing appears on screen to allow me to choose.

Hi @Tim_Arnold

We will need more info to help. Are you on the latest Zwift version?

See this,
Guide to Getting Useful Support?

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IOS 13.5.1

Doing a workout I am given the choice of routes, tap to see choices. During a TT nothing comes up.

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I’m confused, is this an event, a workout/training plan, or are you doing a free ride on a TT bike?

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It’s an Event, Cycling Weekly 10 mile TT. Have done it once OK but the last 2 attempts gone off course at the turn.

Nope, that’s correct. Kind of.

The Cycling Weekly 10 currently uses the Tick Tock course, which is meant to go straight on at the turning circle, then uses the underwater tunnel to get you back to the start line. It’s the Tempus Fugit course that uses the turnaround and you just re-do the course in reverse.

However it is slightly confusing because you still see all the TT related timing segments and map listed on the left and the right of the screen while you are in the desert part of the course, which then disappear as soon as you head up the hill, which makes it seem as though it’s wrong. Ideally they shouldn’t appear in the first place.

Anyone who wants to see this happening so they can understand it better, take a look at the video I did when I rode this exact race a few weeks back:

This is the Tick Tock course.

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That explains it, thanks for the help