Not Senior Friendly

Not all riders are savvy to computers especially older adults. You show buttons but have no labels for what they mean. 

Setup is not clear when banners and pictures clutter the page making choices.

OK, what are you having issues with, maybe we can assist you on the forums.

There are a lot of “older adults” currently using Zwift, so I know we can help you in getting up and running.

Have tooltips that appear after hovering over a button for 5 seconds.  Won’t distract people who know the buttons and will help those who don’t.

Your reply was close to abusive.

How was my reply close to abusive? 


“OK, what are you having issues with,”

The issue was clear:  he wants to know what the buttons do.

Include a link to the explanation or paste in a jpg that shows the buttons labeled.



I am sorry you thought that was abusive, that was not the intent of me asking the question. I wanted to get to the bottom of what he didn’t like and if he was having issue getting started on Zwift the users on the forums could assist.

I understand you are upset over the server issues today and I also hope Zwift gets them resolved.

The following “Unofficial guide to Zwift” may help:

p.s. I didn’t think Paul’s first reply was in any way abusive. Look around and you’ll see he’s super helpful to people having issues with Zwift.

Thanks Nigel, ya I should have posted that link earlier.

He is really helpful, and so was the responce!