Not moving uphill!


I’m new to the zwift world but hoping you can help.

I use a Schwinn AC carbon spin bike for Zwift and have everything (HR, Watts, Cadence) connected. I’m fine on the flat, but when I’m climbing up hill I can’t seem to get any speed… I have tried decreasing my resistance and increasing cadence, as well as increasing my resistance and decreasing cadence, standing up, sitting down … but can’t get it to change. Even when I have increased watts by a lot - it still goes at the same pace … any ideas?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @Lauren_Robinson

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To go up the steep climbs you need to increase your power (watts). If the watts is to low your avatar will stop.

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Hi, thanks for this. I did this, actually doubled the watts I was doing previously and it made no difference at all…

Your profile is closed so I could not look at you stats.

What wattage are we talking about. Zwift use wattage to calculate speed.

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Hey, thanks for helping me with this. How do I make my profile open so you can see?

Thanks again :slight_smile: