Help - peddling and getting nowhere

Hi new to Zwift this evening and I’m hooked however on inclines I’m peddling like an idiot and not really getting anywhere

im on a none-smart turbo connected with a Garmin speed sensor and an ant+ usb.

is this normal on this set up? 

On straights I’m fine and minus gradients.

any guidance welcome

More info is needed.

What are the watts you are putting out?

What is the incline %?

What is your watts per kilogram at that time?

Speed within Zwift is determined by watts, the weight you entered, elevation changes, in-game bike used and drafting. 

It could be correct, but again more info is needed.

Paul, you are over complicating a bit…  :slight_smile:

If you are in ERG mode, it is normal to go slower going up hill. If it wants 60 watts and you are going uphill, expect to get to 110+ RPM and go very slow.

If you are in Sim mode and you use a low gradient slider setting, you will spin easier uphill. Turn it up to 85%, shift like normal and get a real workout for you legs. No more easy rides up hill.

Perhaps you are not calibrated?

Yes, more info is needed.

Hi Andy, 


I see you are on a non smart trainer. So your trainer won’t simulate the hills. So when you get to the hill you will need to switch to a faster gear (big ring front and small cog at the back).

If you are on a mountain bike you might not be able to go so fast uphill since your back wheel wont turn as fast in the fastest gear and that wont create the power (watt) needed to go fast uphill.