Watts dropping on hills

Hi, am having an issue on hills with Zwift. I can comfortably hold watts of 180-200 for a couple of hours, but as soon as I get to anything over 6/7% my watts drop to sub 100 - so speed craters to miles below what I would do in the real world. I am not a mountain goat by any means (90 kg) but this seems v unrealistic. Any ideas anyone ? Thankyou

Your watts shouldn’t decrease going up a hill. Something isn’t right there. Normally what happens is Your speed should decrease but your watts should stay the same or increase.

Out of curiosity, what trainer are you using, how are you connecting it to zwift, and what are you running zwift on?

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Do you change gears when you go up the hill.

Many thanks, no leave gears the same.

Hi Ben, thanks for this - that’s what I thought, ty. Am using a Tacx Vortex and Zwift on my iPad and connecting to my iPad through the app. Is most bizarre - Thankyou