Not getting multiple badges when teleporting to RoboPacer

Just did the makuri 40, and then joined a robopacer ride after. when I did a full lap of the robopacer route, I got the route badge for the new route after the old one, no exiting workout required. when I went through the start of a third route, it started navigating me on that route, and also popped up the route progress bar. Are all the posts about not getting multiple badges outdated?

Did you teleport to the pacer group? If so I think it switched you to the route that the pacer is on.

Hi @Preston_Ball, Welcome to Zwift forums!

Following up on the support provided by @Paul_Southworth I checked your logs server and confirmed you teleported from the Makuri island route to RoboPacer.
There’s a few things to keep in mind when you’re using Rider Teleport:

  • Only the distance you actually ride or run will be associated with your activity, the distance you teleported won’t be counted.

  • You won’t earn a route badge if you use the Teleport feature unless you earn the badge before you teleport.

For more details about this feature please review this article.

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