Not always seeing heart rate distribution after ride.

Hey there, 

Last night after completing an hour ride, my end screen only showed my power distribution histogram.  My heart rate graphic was nowhere to be found.  I do know the info had been recorded, as the export to strava carried over the data. 

Oddly, a quick test ride earlier in the evening DID show the HR data when I stopped.

Am I missing something?




Are you looking for the HR histogram after a workout, an event, or on the pause screen? I didn’t see any workouts in your past ride data, but I want to make sure.

Also, did your HRM signal drop at any point prior to ending the ride?

It was after a straight up ‘ride’. Not a ‘workout’ per se.  The only screen I know of is the one that pops up after I stop pedaling. I don’t believe I had any dropouts of my data. Every time I looked up, it was displaying correctly.  Does that help?

Sorry for the belated reply. I spoke with our dev team, and the HR histogram only shows up after a workout, so you won’t see it outside of that.