All display measures disapeared at the last seconds

Finally i was doing quite well on a race and when after i start to sprint some weird message showed on display and the numbers (speed, power, etc) disapeared. i dont know if was a message about high heart rate (it was about 190bpm), i was so focused on sprinting that message disturbed me and cost me some positions…
anyone has experienced such thing ? is there a “save message” or whatever by high heart rate?

Without seeing exactly where the message popped up on the screen, or at what point in your race, I can’t say with any certainty what the message was.

I would be surprised if it was a message about your heart rate.

Some options it might have been, but I’m not sure any of these fully remove your ability to view your power or speed:-

In this race you did hit 500w and 600w for the first time. Each of these provide you with a Zwift Badge and a message pops up on the screen. However I think you did hit over 600w at a segment sprint 2.6km from the finish so not sure why that would have disrupted your sprint.

When you went through the segment sprint you put down this 600w unnecessary power and set a new segment PR. This new PR comes up as a small message just under your name on the rider list and does obliterate your current w/kg and distance covered. Again not sure why this would have interrupted your race finishing sprint as there was still 2.6km to go.

At the end of a race you do get a pop up message covering almost all the screen of the race result but this would not disrupt your sprint unless you had misjudged where the finishing line was.

I notice on your CA Activity reports that you are no longer saving/automatically saving your various screenshots. If you can reset your system to save these screenshots they will often give you a good idea of what popped up on the screen at various points in your rides/races.

thanks Ian, i will do that,
i dont know what happens exactly…i was almost fanting :stuck_out_tongue:
the 600W badge i remember when it showed a bit earlier on.
it seemed like i lost all connections or something like that…
anyhow, next sprint i will just look to my shoes…eheheh

Hi Ian,
it just happened again in the very end of the race.
its something like “display is being deactivated” or something like.
as it was exactly ca 3s from the finish arch, i couldnt really focus on :stuck_out_tongue:
i tried to google it but couldnt find anything similar.
i thought that could be the Blur due to high exertion (however i deactivated that)
This is quite anoying as it comes in the most important time…

Without seeing what your seeing I can’t help much other than to point you to this post to see if anything looks similar.

Anyway congratulations on your recent gold and silver trophies and your 700w sprint and badge in your last race.

thanks. how do you see any badges? in zwiftpower?

about the message i dont know. i dont think its a connection message because it come always before crossing the finish line.
do you know if i can find snapshots somewhere? now i enable to save it automatically.

You can see your screenshots via and log into your account. Or on your Companion App.

On my CA I can look up other riders ride information if they don’t have it set to private so I have been looking at what you are doing in your rides and can see badges etc you have received.

Your 700w badge message would have appeared just before the finish at the time you started the sprint and shows in picture below. Is this what you are seeing?

thanks Ian, but it isnt.
its seems like the box when you finish the race, blueish. with some message about Display…
maan, let me do more races and see if i can remember what it is :stuck_out_tongue:

@Gledison_Fonseca I do see that your HR monitor disconnected for a short period during the race, but I also see that you went into No HUD mode right after you earned your Jelly achievement (congratulations for that!) Is this the screen that you saw?

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Yeeees Rowdy. This is exactly the one.
How did I find it?
What is this about? hUD mode?
Thanks for helping. This screen came twice at the same time on the end of the race on the most unecessary time :slight_smile:

No HUD mode should never turn on automatically, but you can manually toggle it with the H key on your keyboard, or use the action bar in-game or in Zwift Companion. If you manually trigger No HUD mode in your next activity, you can select the “Don’t show this message again” button in the bottom left and the description screen will not appear again if No HUD mode is triggered.