Is it possible to turn off the in-ride display of my HR?

here comes a HRM question that I have not been able to find an answer to with the search:

Is it possible to turn off the in-ride display of my HR?

Use case:

  1. Many events now require HRM.
  2. I want to ride those.
  3. I do not want to see my own HR when riding.
  4. I do want to see the rest of the HUD (like power for example).
  5. I am OK with my HR being reported e.g. in the fit file, to zwiftpower, to strava, or whatever the case may be to participate without DQ and help substantiate that I have nothing to hide.

Feel free to come with pragmatic suggestions.

Thanks =)

ps here is an overview of my setup in case it matters. ds

PC, win10, android companion app, tacx neo 2t. I currently do not use a HRM, so for that I could get anything that you guys think would work given my use case.

Ride on! =)

Probably possible to use software to overlay something on top of it, like Sauce or OBS.

piece of masking tape?


That’s an A for pragmatism.^^

I was perhaps looking for something more… elegant? like “yeah just enter this string in the txt file located in the so and so folder”

More ideas? =)

Not possible like that, no.

Sauce is probably your best option. You can customize it to show as little or as much as you like.

Hi, I was genuinely curious as to why you would not want to know what your HR was on such a huge endurance ride? At least for a health safety point of view? Your HR is a key piece of data in how your body is coping with the activity … and your 32hr 486km 20,000 vert meter ride was certainly an extreme activity! Any coach or endurance athlete would want to know what their HR was doing no???


Curious is good. =)
I don’t react well to hearing or seeing or even thinking about the cardiovascular system. Read: I get sudden loss of consciousness. So while being otherwise very much interested in both tech and cycling, HRM is one area I have avoided due to self knowledge.
Since the use of that kind of tech is so wide spread, I have no doubts that it might be beneficial for me as a tool, but due to my above weakness, I have tried to stay away. Now with Zwift/event organizers requiring it more and more often, I created this forum post to try to dig out a pragmatic solution. Over time I might try to look with one eye at my data, and maybe I will get used to it. =)

Regarding ultra endurance climbing, I definitively see your point. What I do use for special events only (due to cost) is the supersapiens system to monitor my glucose. That is another story for sure, but in one word, that is a game-changer.

I am very much open to suggestions/recommendations on the HRM thing. Thanks in advance, and thanks for being curious =)