Hide Heart Rate on UI

Hi there,

Firstly I am new to Zwift and I am having a blast. I am really having a lot of fun and excited to improve my fitness.

I want to start tracking my HR as a way to monitor my fitness progression, but I really really dont want to see it on the main UI while I am riding.

Is there a way to hide it and only have the data visable in the after report on the Zwift activity area / Strava.



I’m not sure why you’d want that but people have been asking for a more customisable heads up display for ages.

There’s a new user interface coming apparently eventually but no details about what that entails so I doubt it will allow the non-display of HR while keeping other things like power displayed.

Use a post-it note if you are desperate.


Hi Ben,

Thanks for your post. Interesting to know about the new user interface coming.

I am setting up a TV in my “pain cave” to replace the tablet and I think your right, a strategically placed post it should do the trick lol.