Norco search sora 2017

hi everyone,

newbie to the forum and not very up on the “technical” side of cycling or turbo trainers etc.
I have a norco search sora 2017 model which does not have quick release wheels, the only info i can see when googling the spec for this bike is that it has a “bolted skewer” rear hub (cant see any reference to size etc) !
Can anyone tell me of any smart turbo trainers that are definitely zwift compatible with my bike, dont mind either wheel on or direct drive but looking at the economy end of the market up to approx £600.00

thanks in advance for any help or advice, can’t wait to get started on zwift :+1:

Hi there. You’re 6 months ahead of me. Just researching turbo trainers and similar to you have a Norco Search Sora 2017. Did you find a turbo trainer that is computable with our bike model?

Thanks in advance,