Non starter

(Christopher Warner 'WSR' (C) Kickr) #1

Joined the 14:00hrs Trek coffee ride on Saturday only to find myself left at the start line. A couple of late starters took off but still I remained stedfast…

Setup screen display showed my equipment was connected and out putting data.

No way to rejoin that event so chose the pretzel route insted (ouch).

Anybody else had this non starter experiance?

(Scott) #2

Hey Christopher - that’s really odd. Were you pedaling in the starting area before the event and seeing your legs moving and wattage registering?

(Christopher Warner 'WSR' (C) Kickr) #3

Hi Scott.

Never took any notice. Was trying to setup Teamspeak and only began peadling a few seconds before start. Noticed that the HR monitor was dropping outa bit tho…