Non-sensical speed in zwift on Libby Hill climb

So there is a segment in the Richmond circuit called Libby Hill. I produced 238 watts at 72kg And I was 7020 out of 7270, going @ 8km. In real life I climb 6% at around 17-19kmh.

This makes no sense, the guys who place similar to me are producing numbers alot lower, like 60 -150watts. Is there a way to make sure everything is properly calibrated?

on the flats it makes more sense

And I get the same Low values on 23rd street climb

It sounds to me like you have the “difficulty” slider set to 50% (which is the default).

I’m not sure how it all works, but I think it’s that the climb severity is being simulated as half as hard as it would be in real life, so the game makes you climb at half the speed that you would expect for the given power.

Something like that; hopefully someone else will be along soon to clarify better. :wink:

I’ve given up on any of the numbers making sense and just ride to my own abilities instead.  For example, I’ve pushed 350 watts going down a 7% grade and it shows me going 23 MPH.  I’ll put out 300 watts flat out on a 0% and peak at 23MPH.  Going up some hills, hitting 500 watts, I’ll peak out at 7 MPH on a 7%.  This is on a powered trainer.  Yet, my son who’s on a Z-Power trainer that is set up correctly will fly down hills at 45 MPH, up 7% hills at 15-18MPH, etc.  He’s really fast, but not quite that fast - especially with his juniors gearing.


My thoughts so far - work really hard on Zwift and accept that the numbers aren’t related to reality.  Then go out to a legit outdoor ride and see how holding 250 watts for 20 minutes equates to MUCH faster times than you’ll ever get on Zwift.  Kind of like running with ankle weights then taking them off for the big event.

I’m confused over this too.  I’m told the hills are simulated at 50% (of real resistance) for those of us using Smart Trainers, but that we still have to generate the same power to ride the climb as we would in the real world.  Therefore I can only assume that the hill is made longer to compensate for the lack of resistance, and therefore we appear to go up it faster than we should given the on screen %.

I’d really like to see a comprehensive explanation of this from Zwift.

According to this good watts to speed calculator ( your speed should be 15.25 km/hr, much closer to your outdoor experience.