Non-Nation flag? (i. e. Watopia)

There are many reason why there should be a flag that isn’t specifically associated to any existing nation state. May it be that on has double nationality, can’t decide if one want to cycle for the country you are living in, or the you are born or the country whose team you want to support. One might not even want to cycle under any nation at all.
Going for country flag means deciding against other countries.

What about an inclusive flag, dedicated to an universal spirit.

My proposal would be to invent a flag which is not associated to any existing country.
What about a Watopia flag (with a wheel in the center) or -as a more realistic version- an UN flag?

Seems legit.

I’d settle for an EU flag.

But even better would be a United Federation of Planets one. :smiley:



I agree, a EU flag would be great!


United Federation of Cyclists Please

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Another good idea.
I am happy to hear that there at more people it there who don’t feel the necessity to cycle under a nations flag against other nations.
This option should be for them.
It is all a matter of programming a few pixels and adding an extra choice on the menu.

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Just note - I’ve never realized I’m riding my Zwift under “my flag” (Czech) against other nations …
Frankly, this attitude seems quite bizarre to me :slight_smile: It’s nice to see all those flags and be able to identify from which countries my current companions come … just nice, little tool to make my experience more “personal”…

Anyway … if there is EU flag, please let me ask for Confederate one, too (definitely I’d prefer this one) :sunglasses:


I suspect that’s a bit too controversial to be included.

That said, I did love The Dukes of Hazzard as a kid. The General Lee’s Dixie car horn and all.

I know … history might be confusing, sometimes … :sunglasses:

But I agree, your proposal of “United Federation of Planets” seems to be a better idea, definitely :wink:

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I agree. There needs to be a ‘no flag’ or neutral flag option. There should also be an EU flag.

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Out of curiosity, I looked in my profile settings at, and there is a “None” option in the flag list.

Correct. Thank you it has escaped my attention. Just changed my settings.

Thanks. I was looking in the mobile app, where there doesn’t appear to be that option.

You’re assuming every country flag is in-game. My birth country flag :suriname: is not as are many others. We just have a greyes out flag. Imagine that to be the case for the US flag, the developers would implement zwiftly. It’s not a matter of choice for all of us. Just so you know. And yes, it has been requested. I see many other nations did as well, with no implementation whatsoever. It is in companion, it shouldn’t be too hard to have it in-game as well. And you are asking for a fictive flag. The privilege :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’d like to have the Flemish flag. I’ve lived all my life all over the world, but since flemish is my first language and my culture, I’d like to have a flemish flag.