New Zealand Flag

Hi, it would be great to have the choice to select a silver fern flag for New Zealand riders, its what is commonly associated with New Zealand sports teams, and for old buggers like me with poor eyesight it would make distinguishing from the Australian flag much easier as the flags are almost indistinuishable when very small.

I agree.

Not sure I agree - does Zwift then have an informal flag for every country? I’d rather they focus on worthwhile enhancements and bug fixes to be honest.

Some countries already have choices, if you are from the UK you can select the union jack or welsh or scottish flags, I would have thought it would be a quick simple option that shouldnt take time away from bug fixes and other enhancements

UK and the union country flags are formal and nothing like picking the english rose or irish clover or fern.

Yes, it probably isnt much effort for devs to code, but they would have to do for every country. Kiwi’s arent the only ones that have an unofficial symbol that some people recognize (ausi have wallaby, sth africa the sprinbok, ireland, etc). So change your request to every country and I’ll vote it up (and then I’ll sit by and watch everyone have a grumble about why the designs are wrong or wrong colours because you know, unofficial means someone will use a version you dont like) …