No country (countryflags) - just Earth

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
John Lennon

I have a thought I’d like to share with you. Sports and the virtual world is a brilliant opportunity for me to bring people together. Bringing people together means breaking down prejudices and learning to understand and appreciate difference.
That’s why I would like to see an option in the selection of countries - Earth. A clearly stated position that I do not want to subscribe to any political, geographically defined structure. Yes - there is an option to not fill out the state, but then you have the color gray next to your name - that is not a clear choice - just a non-filling item.
I understand that many find this to be liberalist, hippie bullshit, but I think that especially these days it’s nice to look for a way to find common ground. And that common ground may be the realization that we are all part of one whole - the Earth…

Do what I’ve done for years: use the Antarctic flag. It’s the closest one to being international, as there isn’t even an EU or UN flag, let alone one for us “citizens of the world”


when i see a rider using a belgian, japanese, african or any other flag in zwift i tend to assume they’re also from planet earth


Missing the point. I could claim passports for Britain, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Canada, among others. Should the UK split, I would be English AND Scottish.

The world has moved on from one-nation families, although there are still those who have never left the village where its population is related to each other… :eyes:

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that’s just it - you expect them to be from a particular state, and by inference to be from planet earth. I understand that you may not realize what my request is about.
It’s about not being forced to be a member of a nationality/state and standing purely for yourself. It’s about getting rid of the label - being able to choose a neutral and more global symbol. This perspective. That is not based on territorial divisions.


I use the flags as an indicator of language. I happen to be Dutch, so with a fair amount of Belgians I can communicate in my mother tongue. As for the rest, English usually does the trick.

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Non-Nation flag? (i. e. Watopia) is the thread for this.


Thanks for pointing this out, I did not know there is Antarctic flag, now I am from there.

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There used to be Zwiftland, but it disappeared.

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